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So, you've found the place you'd like to live in?  Congratulations!

We're not surprised because we've placed hundreds of people in our carefully selected portfolio of properties.  To help you secure your new home, below is a list of the items that are required to be submitted in our rental process for consideration as a resident:





The Rental Process Explained--

Applications / Application Fees


"I'm excited about my place, but I'm not sure I qualify."

Don't worry, the office will help where it can at every turn.

All prospective residents over the age of 18 must complete a full application package and submit an application fee of  $65/person to run credit, criminal, background, eviction, and sex offender searches.  This screening process is important for management to get a better understanding of who will be living on the premises and help maintain the fabric of the community.

Applications can be submitted online, via email or faxed to (973) 215-2450.  All application fees are non-refundable and can be paid via cash, money order, checking account EFT or by credit card using this order form.  If you need assistance entering your bank account information, you can watch this brief tutorial for assitance on paying through your bank.

Applications may take up to 24 to 48 hours to process and verify information submitted.  Someone from the Leasing Office will reach out if additional information or clarification is necessary.  Notification of application status may come via email or by telephone so please include your mobile phone number and active email address.  

NOTE:  Pets are not allowed in any of our managed residences.

Applicants Needing Guarantors / Full Time Students

If you are a full time student, have poor credit, or do not have an active source of income demonstrating at least the monthly rent times three (income > 3x rent), you will need to have a co-signer or guarantor application alongside the resident application to receive full approval.  Including co-signer, the total due with your application is $130.  

The guarantor or co-signer agreement received during the application process can be notarized and mailed in after your applications are processed and you are accepted for tenancy.   (See below for mailing address)


Getting a Room vs. Becoming a "Student Leader"?

You can contact our office about available roommate and renting a room options or become a "Student Leader."  A Student Leader is a program developed due to demand by students who want roommates but the flexibility to choos their roommates at will (after screened by office).  This allows an individual to rent an apartment and take more control over their housing situation. The Student Leader signs the lease for an entire apartment and then has the opportunity to decide which room they would like, how much rent they will pay, who they will live with, and what to do with the parking spot (if any).

STUDENT / ROOMMATE LEADER SELECTION:  In the beginning, roommate leaders are responsible for the entire rent due. But, although the Student / Roommate Leader will be responsible for finding their own roommates, the Leasing Office will assist in forwarding potential roommates if it receives any inquiries for those seeking a room. As the leader identifies potential roommates, those indviduals will be screened by the Leasing Office and then added to the lease once approved. Once the roommate(s) is added to the lease, then they are responsible together for the rent and the apartment. 

DYK? - For over a decade, every Student Leader that has worked with the Leasing Office has found roommates to live with before classses begun!

Have questions? Contact our office about the Student / Roommate Leader Program now.  


Reserving a Rental / Taking a Property Off the Market

In order to take the property off the market upon acceptance, you will need to submit the first month's rent as a deposit.  Taking the property off the market is not a guarantee that you will get the apartment, however the rental office will stop showing the apartment to other apartment seekers while your application package is being reviewed by the Board.

NOTE:  If you are not sure about your decision to rent, do not take an apartment off the market as you may lose some or all of your deposit depending on where you are in the rental process.   


Once you are accepted, in order to fully secure the housing and guarantee occupancy, you will need to submit 1.5 months the monthly rent as security deposit and sign the lease agreement within 3 business days of acceptance.



Rent & Security Deposit Payments

If your expected move-in date is within 14 days of the date of application or when deposits are due, all deposits MUST be in a certified form.  Acceptable certified forms of payment are cash, money order, or certified bank check (see above).  

If your expected move-in date is beyond 14 days, personal check is also an acceptable payment option.

Unless otherwise instructed, all checks are made payable to 'Garden State Apartments, LLC' or 'Sandeep Kancherla'



Lease Signing Process

Signing the Lease

If you are approved for residency in a unit, when you receive your copy of the lease via email, please be sure to:

  • Sign every page where indicated
  • Initial the bottom right corner of each page you do not put your signature on

NOTE:  If your stated rent on page 1 is higher than spoken about, please note that there is an on-time rent-payment discount that offsets the additional rent stated.  (This is an incentive to pay rent on time instead of a penalty for late payment.)  


Submitting the Lease

Once all residents have signed and initialed the lease, you must

  • Fax to (973) 215-2450 or scan & email

  • Then MAIL the hard copy to the address below

Your lease hard copy must be received in order to prepare your unit for occupancy.  In many instances, the outgoing tenants are moving out the day before new residents move-in.  



Garden State Apartments, LLC
c/o Property Management Division
211 Warren Street
Newark, NJ  07103



Reserving Movers, Trucks & Moving Discounts

Thousands of students move in the Newark area each year and many must scramble to find vendors to help them move.  As a result the Property Management Division has secured exclusive savings with select vendors so that all renters and residents who have contacted this office are eligible to save hundreds on your move through the unique partner relationships developed over the last decade.  

If you rent with us or not,  secure the Guaranteed Savings (before supplies run out)!


Frequently Asked Questions About Renting

Information and statistics compiled from the National Multi-Housing Council, Fox Media,, and dorm brochures.


Due to demand and our ever-changing inventory of apartments, exact pricing is not available before viewing available apartments.   This is due to the number of leasing team members and residents securing housing through our office on any given day which effects pricing, brokerage fees, and availability.  

AVAILABLE INVENTORY & SHOWINGS-- Each day, leasing team members receive price ranges on available apartments so that they can match you with options within your price range.  On the day of your viewing apartment, the leasing team member will confirm your search criteria to setup an appointment to view matching apartments*.  

*Due to demand, convenience to our residents, and accommodate the volume of appointment requests, you may be grouped in a viewing with others who are seeking similar accomodations.  

RECEIVING PRICING-- After your viewing appointment with a leasing team member, he/she will submit your completed showing paperwork to the Leasing Office.  Within 24 hours of your viewing, the Leasing Office will email you and your leasing team member the current pricing and availability of the apartments viewed.  

CONNECT WITH YOUR TEAM MEMBER-- Once you receive the pricing, we encourage you to contact your agent with questions as soon as possible because our best apartments rent very quickly and prices on the other apartments may change if too much time elapses.  

Requesting Expedited Pricing Information-- If you have not received pricing yet, it may be that the Leasing Office is very busy with requests that day.  To request expedited pricing information, you may email the Leasing Office directly with

  1. Your Name (and other adults who will live with you)

  2. Leasing team member name

  3. Viewed apartments in order of preference

  4. Any questions you may have

SECURING YOUR TOP CHOICES-- If you have seen a few places you like and are ready to make a decision, we encourage you to start your application process as quickly as possible.

If you are still unsure or have questions about the pricing, we recommend reaching out to your agent so that they can let you know about the availability, new options, or unadvertised Leasing Specials.  



With millions of Americans facing foreclosure, even renting can be unsafe unless you are renting from professionals.

Nearly 40 percent of foreclosures today involve a single family house, condo or other housing rented out directly by its owner. When this occurs, the renter can

  1. Lose their leased apartment / house
  2. Be forced to move on short notice
  3. Say goodbye to their security deposit
  4. Pay for all of the moving costs
  5. Expect their entire life to be disrupted

Fortunately, renters can protect themselves by renting smart, and that means renting from a reliable professional management company.

You'd be surprised what a difference working with an award-winning property management company can make when comparing it to renting directly from an "owner." With their track record of success and greater resources, professional management companies give renters peace of mind as well as superior amenities and customer service. Because these experts leave nothing to chance, you'll always enjoy the best.



Don't let the competitive pricing and the friendly owner deceive you. As a renter, we know you are looking for convenience, hassle-free living, financial freedom and great location. But before you rent, make sure it's from a professional management company and not a private individual.

Here's why: Across the country and especially in our area, thousands of houses and condominiums are being rented out by owners who cannot afford them or sell them. Unfortunately, many of these owners are on the verge of losing their properties to foreclosure.

When this happens, unsuspecting renters also suffer. Most will lose their apartment and deposits while scrambling to find a new place to live on short notice. In short, if you choose to rent directly from a private owner, the risk of losing your home is very real.

When renting from a professional management company, you are significantly minimizing these risks. These companies, which own and operate multiple apartment homes, not only offer a greater degree of financial longevity, but also a much higher standard of service to residents like you, including:

  • MAINTENANCE-- 24/7 on-site maintenance rather than waiting for a part-time landlord to fix problems.
  • STAFFING-- Professional property managers, leasing staff, and expert resources.
  • AMENITIES-- First-class amenities that you won't find from a private owner.
  • LOCATIONS-- Exciting locations so you can work, shop, attend school and play without traveling far.
  • CONVENIENCE-- Paying rent, completing forms, and exploring community information on your resident portal.
  • Local insights, knowledge, deals, and experts to make life more comfortable.

If you have seen an apartment of a private owner through one of our Leasing Team Members, this is one of our "Select Properties" with whom we have interviewed the owners and selected them to be included in our portfolio of properties.  And, if our team wouldn't live in the property, then we wouldn't show it to you!    

**CONSUMER WARNING:  Have you seen something by a private owner that is "Amazing" or "Too Good to Be True"?  That's because it probably is!  

In the past 10 years, we have had dozens of renters and co-signers contact us with sad stories and rip-offs regarding "seemingly nice" private owners who purposefully mislead renters, went into foreclosure, harrassed tenants,  or accidently neglected the needs of residents.  

Always ask if the apartment is professionally managed by a company.  Why?

If our experienced Leasing Team didn't show it to you, there is probably a reason you did not see that unit through our Office.  That's because our firm prides itself on long-term relationships with our Select Owners and we have rejected private owners and removed owners from our Select Property program based on our findings.   


Many students and parents believe that living on campus is a safer and more convenient option to living in an off-campus premises, however living on campus can provide a false sense of security.  However, there are reported hazards hidden in college dorms reported by Fox News Media.  Here are a few factors to weigh into your decision for housing:  

  • Off-campus living is 50% CHEAPER than the price of dorms -- The math is very simple: $17/sf in dorms vs. $8/sf off-campus;
  • No expensive meal plans required-- Living off campus can save you hundreds of dollars and calories every month by avoiding over-priced meal plans and high calorie foods.
  • Avoid 'Tuition Inflation' off-campus-- tuition costs rise many times faster than the US cost of living index and so does the annual cost of living in the dorms
  • Studying in dorm rooms may lower grades - living off campus may mean walking an extra few blocks however the perceived convenience of retreating to a dorm room to "study comfortably" may result in lower grades due to:
    • Frequent distractions
    • Sleeplessness
    • Roommate interruptions
    • Blurring of 'study time' vs. 'social time'
    • Neverending Facebook sessions
    • Temptation of 'studying' with friends
  • Uncomfortable living conditions  -- without thermostat controls many students play with opening windows, networks of fans, space heaters, etc. that result in dangerous living conditions
  • Better preparation for "Real Life"-- Living off-campus provides a great opportunity for both graduate and undergraduate students to learn the responsibility of the 'Real World' 
  • Fewer health hazards in apartments-- Dorms are notorious for health hazards including
    • Broken glass in showers
    • Transmission of foot fungus in bathrooms
    • Theft from unlocked doors
    • Unregistered guests let into the building
    • Electrical fires from overloaded circuits
    • Sleep deprivation from roommates and neighbors
    • Contraction of meningitis or mono from close quarter living
    • Mold sickness from older buildings
    • Falling ill from colds and virus strains introdcued by international students
    • Dust allergies bedbugs from re-used university mattresses
    • Peer pressure to engage in binge drinking
    • Spread of STDs and sexual assualt from co-habitation  

Unfortunately, the above bullet points are not included when you are given a tour of the campus.  Over the last decade, our residents were more than happy to list all of the complaints their friends had living on campus.  That's why most of our residents stay in their apartment for multiple years and our housing is passed down from one class of students to the next.

Hear more about what our residents have to say about living in our carefully selected properties.  



Not necessarily. Jack Hough, columnist of MSN's SmartMoney, advises that one of the best reasons to rent is to get richer! Surprised aren't you? Conventional wisdom tells us buying is the way to go but it turns out that renting is one of the smartest investments you can make.
In fact, when economists run the numbers, they find that renters save an average of $560 every month by choosing to rent over buying a house. And when you rent, you don't have the nagging feeling that you may lose out on investment potential. By renting, you can use your safely guarded down payment savings for other investment vehicles that are generating higher returns that fixed real estate assets.

When you take a step back and look at the downside and potential liabilities you open yourself up to when buying a home like hidden maintenance costs, insurance expenses, rising property taxes and potential price drops, renting is a smarter choice hands down.



Choosing a professionally managed apartment community can provide complete peace of mind and Garden State Apartments is one of the premier, full service property management companies in New Jersey, and we are consistently recognized by the media and government outlets for innovation and quality.  Why?

OUR EXPERIENCE:  We have reliable and experienced contractors on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can relax in the knowledge that the office is just a phone call or click away if something does go wrong. We strive to provide our residents with a phenomenal home of comfort, convenience, and service. Our dedicated, friendly onsite teams, and our reputation of outstanding service, combine to create the lifestyle and kind of community desired by our residents. We strive to offer the perfect blend of individualized, personalized customer service and advanced technologies for resident satisfaction and efficiency.

OUR TEAM:  Our associates are an integral part of our company's foundation. With unmatched support and resources from a long established company, our employees can grow and develop with abundant opportunities for success. Outstanding resources and recognition programs ensure distinguished associate team members. Garden associates not only provide extraordinary customer service, but they manage like owners and have a deep commitment to the client's success. We provide an unparalleled employment experience for our associates, which results in having the best talent in the industry to manage your assets.

OUR NEIGHBORHOODS: We engage in each of our local communities by offering programs, volunteer time, and resources to create better living environments. In addition, our associates are encouraged to participate in community betterment programs including Habitat for Humanity builds, crime prevention program involvement, pet adoption partnerships, food, toy and blood drives, and more. In addition, Garden Sate Apartments is committed to providing energy-efficient and sustainable housing wherever possible.

OUR RESIDENTS: Because our excellent service takes the stress out of renting a property, we are finding that many top international corporations seeking accommodation for their staff in our area prefer to rent our managed properties. And many of our residents enjoy the peace of mind knowing that the residents we place have been thoroughly screened for credit, criminal, eviction, and sex offender issues.

OUR PLEDGE: Our property management mission is to be an outstanding partner to each of our customers. Our stellar reputation and rich history continue to drive us to maintain the Garden State Apartments difference, and to continuously improve and service the needs of our employees, residents, business partners, clients, and neighborhoods.

Garden State Apartments is proud to be active in the local real estate community and has received recognition from the following organizations and media outlets: 

Fox Television | Star Ledger | Bergen Record | NJ Biz Magazine  |  Learn More About Us --> 


Additional Questions

We've relocated hundreds of professionals, families, and students in off-campus housing.   And the State of New Jersey has even given us an award for our service to the community!  

If you have questions about the above or about the leasing process, please contact your agent and CC: the Leasing Office:  NewarkHousing at


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